CURE Childhood Cancer

Inspired by several homeless people he befriended while living in New York City, our founder learned that there were 23,000 children living in New York City's shelter system alone. His goal was to do his part to lift them up. Once he discovered that the number one requested item in shelters was socks, his first mission for the company became clear.

Later this year LIFT23 has met it’s original goal of donating 23,000 pairs of socks to kids in NYC homeless shelters, then the amount of kids in need. Now it’s 24,100. In addition, Lift23 has donated another 7,000 pairs of socks to organizations that serve underprivileged children all over the country.

After achieving his first mission and feeling the desire to do more, Founder Ed Del Guercio chose to continue the companies vision of helping kids in need but decided to narrow the company's focus (and inspiration) by supporting the CURE Childhood Cancer organization.

CURE is dedicated to conquering childhood cancer through funding targeted research while supporting patients and their families.

LIFT23 is honored to sponsor an organization as dedicated as CURE Childhood Cancer!  Get the best socks on the planet and help support an organization that gives 87% of all it's donations to research or patient family support!

Thank You For Supporting A Small Company Trying To Do Positive Things!