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LIFT23 Junior Snow Sock (Size XXS)
LIFT23 Junior Snow Sock (Size XXS)
LIFT23 Junior Snow Sock (Size XXS)

LIFT23 Junior Snow Sock (Size XXS)


  • For every pair of LIFT23 Snow socks purchased we will donate a pair to a child in need


    Product Description:

    The perfect snow sock! The Lift 23 sock is a premium ski/snow sock that provides the ultimate in both warmth and comfort while not compromising performance.

    Color:  Black/Charcoal with Yellow logo

    Size:  Junior (XXS - Children's: 10 - 12.5)

    Sock Features:

    33% Merino Wool
    33% Acrylic
    15% Nylon
    10% Coolmax
    6% Polyester
    3% Soft Lycra

    Keep it up!
    Our Lycra® reinforced rib knit cuff prevents slippage while maximizing comfort and performance.

    Wick it good!
    High performance mesh-knit design ensures ventilation, warmth, and moisture-wicking properties that are second to none.

    Reinforced Y-Heel design improves fit and provides maximum shock absorption.

    Conformable instep
    Form-fitting Lycra® instep eliminates slippage and “bunching.”

    Articulation zone
    Superior design provides advanced ankle articulation for performance-driven athletes.

    We got sole
    Our evaporative and cushioned sole is expertly geared to ensure comfort, performance, and advanced blister control.

    Seamless hand-stitched toe
    Oh, yeah. That’s nice!

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