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LIFT23 Gives Back



The mission of LIFT23 has always been to give back. Inspired by several homeless people he befriended while living in New York City, our founder learned that there were 23,000 children living in New York City's shelter system alone. His goal was to do his part to lift them up. Once he discovered that the number one requested item in shelters was socks, his vision for the company became clear.

LIFT23 helps a person in need every time you purchase a pair of socks.  For most purchases, LIFT23, in turn, donates a pair of high-quality socks to children in shelters.  This small gesture of kindness brings comfort and even pride to thousands of kids across the country. To this day, our founder still hand-delivers them.

Recently, the company's mission has expanded. We have thousands of disabled veterans across the country who deserve assistance. LIFT23 now donates proceeds from all golf sock purchases to help pay for free golf instruction for our heroes, a proven therapeutic rehabilitation tool.

LIFT23 is dedicated to helping others. Know that when you purchase from us, you will not only be getting the highest quality socks on the market today, but you will also be contributing to the happiness of others who need it most. We want to thank you in advance for joining our movement!

LIFT23, "we make happy feet!"

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