Our Story

We started this company with the simple and humble goal of making the most comfortable performance socks on the planet. As a college kid working in a ski shop fitting folks for rentals decades ago, I came to the realization that the store's socks just weren't as comfortable as they should be. Days later, I got to work designing my own.

Engineering comfortable socks suddenly became my obsession. I began my journey by testing all available sock fibers of the time. Many had strengths, but all had weaknesses. Some socks were super comfortable but lacked durability. Some performed really well wicking away moisture but lacked a soft-feel. Others were just way too freaking tight. I knew then that the perfect sock would need to be a specific blend of fiber attributes.

After years of further testing and formulation, I put on one of our original fiber blends for the first time. I knew right then and there that I had something spectacular. My socks were soft to the touch, tight enough to keep from sliding while not being constricting. More importantly, they wicked-away moisture better than anything I had tried. There was also one unexpected bonus. I wore them for 7 days straight and they didn't itch or smell!

Ready to go to market, I reached out to some area stores, got onto some shelves and started to build a small but unbelievably loyal following. I spent the next 3 years making our great products even better.

Knowing that my enthusiasm could only take me so far, I began to consult scientists. Soon after, I was introduced to a craft fiber manufacturer who had just come up with an amazing new staple fiber called Sorbtek.  

The SORBTEK technology works by absorbing moisture, moving it away from the skin, and releasing it for quick evaporation, and it is incorporated into the staple fiber, making its moisture-management properties permanent. This allows the wearer of socks made with SORBTEK staple to remain cooler, drier and more comfortable than ever.

When I tested our new SORBTEK Atacama socks for the first time, it felt as if my feet were covered in cashmere. They had every thing that I had ever wanted out of a sock. They were soft with great hold and my feet had never felt so happy and fresh. After over twenty years, I had found my opus!

I know this might sound crazy, but a great pair of socks can absolutely change how you feel. Happy feet really make for happier people. Try a pair for yourself and trust me, you will never want to wear anything else!