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Wet Feet Stink!

Atacama moisture management tech wicks away sweat 4x faster. Dry feet are happy feet!


Named after the driest place on earth. Our socks are engineered to keep your feet amazingly dry even under the harshest conditions.

Performance Hiking Socks

"I wore the socks every day during a three-day, 25 mile hike. Somehow, my feet remained dry, odor, and itch free for the entire trip." - Charles (Saranac Lake, NY)

Engineered Perfection: The seamless blend of comfort and performance. Make every step count!

Atacama Tech: Advanced capillary moisture management keeps your feet as dry as the desert they're named for.

Beyond Fresh: FreshGuard Dri-Release means you never, ever have to worry about odor.

Shock-Shield Design: Impact absorbing lining comforts as it protects.

Tactical Compression: Our socks never slip!

Our science makes better socks!

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

"I wear these everyday no matter what I’m doing. These things are incredible!"

John H.

"My feet have never been so dry. These are the world’s best socks”

Scott K.

"More important to how I feel than anything else I wear. Do yourself a favor and get these socks!"

Sarah R.