Celebrating our 8th year in business!

Your support has reinforced our belief that it's not about creating exceptional marketing for a product, it's more about creating an exceptional product, and trusting the rest will follow.


Don't feed feet bacteria

Moisture on your feet feeds the bacteria that causes bad odor. And that's not all, it also makes your feet sore. 

Ever had blisters after a long walk? You know what we're talking about. 

Keeping moisture away from your feet is your socks' job. 

Lift23 socks are designed to be the best at keeping sweat away from your feet so that you can stay dry no matter what you do.

Not all socks are created equal

Whether synthetic or natural, not all fibers are created equal. That's why the "athletic socks" you buy at your big brand store feel plasticky and make your feet stinky. 

They're made with sub-par fibers to cut costs. 

Lift23's are made with the best moisture-wicking fibers that are breathable and don't retain odor.

7-day stink test approved

We tested dozens of different fibers and designs when creating our socks. Quite simply, there's no replacement for quality. 

Once the final prototypes came in, we did the ultimate test. We call it "The 7-day STINK test". 

Which, as you probably already figured out, consisted of me wearing the same pair of socks for a whole week. 

That's when we knew we had the winners