It it has white in the design, it's in the collection.

Tracy Moret on Nov 26, 2017  - By far, our entire family's favorite ski socks! We used to fight over them, until we finally tossed all of our old socks and replaced with Lift 23. Beyond comfortable, and so warm!

Bob D on Jun 11, 2019 - This sock glides on, stays put and allows for a smooth comfortable ride. Highly recommend!

I was given a pair of LIFT23 golf socks to try out. I have since replaced my sock drawer with LIFT23s.  You won't find a better sock" - Jason Peterson (PGA Professional)

"Other than when I'm on the ropes, these are my go to socks when competing." 

Pete Mongeau (Crossfit Competitor) 

"Super impressed with how dry my feet were after the race"

-John Buzanga (competitive cyclist)